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What Causes Bad Nerves?

There really usually isn't any one thing that can cause bad nerves. It's mostly a result of a combination of things or events, which may take place over an extended period of time. First of all, bad nerves have nothing to do with our nervous system, or nerve endings for that matter, but is an emotional state of mind.

A simple illustration of what goes in to having bad nerves often occurs in sports, on the playing field.  Sometimes, during a pressure-filled situation such as attempting to kick a game winning field goal, the kicker will come down with a "case of nerves". Either due to a lack of confidence, or due to mid games being played by the other team, like calling a timeout to "ice" the kicker, the athlete with the case of nerves performs at a lower skill level than usual, or that he is capable of. This is usually a temporary emotional problem which may or may not be repeated in the future.

Some one who has bad nerves is experiencing an ongoing problem and in many situations feels overwhelmed by events and incapable of performing some tasks. In fact, in a worst case scenario, that person not only questions his or her ability to perform, but actually cannot. There are a whole range of experiences which can go into building a case of bad nerves. It's safe to say, when you have two people with this problem, whatever caused the problem was more than likely a very different set of circumstances for each of the individuals.

Nickel And Dime To Death - While a single traumatic event can sometimes lead to a case of bad nerves, most often it is a collection of small things, individually seemingly insignificant, which build up to the point where it seems that nothing is going right. The affected individual begins to feel overwhelmed by the course of events, and soon feels incapable of handling day to day affairs. We probably all feel this way from time to time, but fortunately most of us are able to snap out of it, or simply have the ability to push the problems aside and start fresh.

Control Of Self Is An Issue - A case of bad nerves often means a loss of control of one's own destiny. This can often happen in the workplace, especially in a high tension or high stress work environment. Feelings of inadequacy can arise from the fact that we are working for someone, and that someone is never satisfied, and eventually we come to believe everything that goes wrong is all our fault. A person with a healthy attitude on the other hand, recognizes that we should work for ourselves, and approach each situation in that frame of mind. Working for yourself doesn't literally mean being self employed, it simply means not surrendering control of what you do or don't do to someone else. You still support your boss, but on your own terms.

This can be most difficult in the military of course, where in combat conditions one has to follow and obey orders. A significant percentage of those who have spent time in a combat zone, come away with a case of bad nerves, sometimes "shot" nerves, and need professional help to return to a normal lifestyle.

Past Events Usually Play A Key Role - Others experience bad nerves as adults because they grew up in a dysfunctional family, and while they learned to get by from day to day, they never learned how to cope with problems in a positive sense, or how to resolve problems. While the cause of their bad nerves may be well in the past, these people can lack self esteem and feel inadequate to solve most of the problems that come their way. Life is about collecting tools and building skill sets as we go along, so we can face most situations with a relative degree of confidence, or at least recognize problems that are beyond our ability to resolve, as opposed to regarding any problem as an impossible challenge.

Look For Support - If one suffers from bad nerves, the best weapon is to have a strong support system. That doesn't have to be professional help, although in some cases that may prove to be helpful, but rather having friends or relatives that are capable of giving you good advice. Take a vacation, take a long walk, go to a concert are all good advice. So would be joining a yoga or body, mind, and spirit class or group. "Have another drink" is not good advice, but will be offered by some friends you would probably do better without.

Bad nerves is not a sickness though it could well degenerate into the condition if you allow it to. It is a disorder however, and needs to be recognized as such. Having bad nerves is common, but not really natural, and if you recognize it within yourself, you should without delay start planning on how best to deal with and resolve the issue.



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